Speedometer smart phone digitaly compitible...

This is the new road, and one cell phone vision !

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For parents drive safer and Securer knowing your way is now, road and GPS cell

 phone screen in one   


   The First Car and Smart phone Speedometer app here for your safety needs.

           The App included Download yours toady from the app store!!


                The Instruction of App, connectivity is to connect Smart

Phone with the instantaneous an Automobile Odometer.


                                            Scientific Scores.


 Odemeter, App; selection’s (backseat radar )….( speedometer vain)….(

Avcco Passenger)…(…) Odometer Lung)……         


                   A Small gift here for speed breathers, That Love’s running!

                                              “Be on your  Carefullest”




Deal Owner’s, Lptoolsets 

Company Name,Vast Solutions

Value, your product types


Status, Source,on sale July, 11th threw October 30th


Probability, Apps and Limited Characters features

Expected Close Date,29th

Actual Close Date, October 31st

Created In South Florida, 305, area,

Activity,”Person Warehouses dealer

(Full name,of Company Vast Solution Product

 EIN# Associated


Person ID)” 154860

ABC Deal, New sales event


This is the largest deal in the world,

Marvin Price, Additional Developer

for question about new designs.


Contact us; where here 24 hours, a day with any of your questions.

Email; vastproductchems@gmail.com


Such as Our Model. the (New) …..


                        The    Model;  Sleek S. Graph 2.

The steering wheel holder.




All About the Home of the safe and Smart wheel pouch!

The new steering wheel, (“Smartphone cell phone holder”)


Here Placed are Small; L.12 7. Along with Large L.12 7.


The V-Tuc Hand tool, is the smallest product that we carry of the

class here, are the next group (Explained) in the next paragraph. 



Models; Polly Grapher, Polly Trautter  & Awsume Polly Graphies 

Not in view listing:


ethlean,1,yellow,referral,,,Last time we spoke with them

we talked shop about the design and






We will be placing the site of this product with courses explain why we truly be

lieve that this product out way’s the competition in it’s class and this include’s

the most safe and secure product among it’s class




Our Magazine 1st Addition Starts with Lah – Ceish Products trends

Featuring a few of out app product and Ideas,


Styles that will have you shopping a first 2nd 3rd & again another time…

In  a Marriage with gadgets the Wheel pouch… In it’s divorce with fatality’s



The work here was brought and made by inventor Marvin Price The work

came from Maaco Collision shop in as Marvin being, a body shop prep work

Marvin around his daily work routine 2006 stared having thoughts of having 

a video game patented and as days went by the need to work on something

including to have the work placed into an cartridge sorta like game gear

the day that Marvin arrived at work and ask an employee what was his thoughts

of  knowledge as to how to come up with a patent for a video game needles 

to say the employee replied that he had no idea of how that generally work

whyle standing on the platform Marvin sees an old junk van placed in his 

work station and begin to wonder if he actually had to sand and prep this 

large vehicle, so as the day begin turns out that Marvin was informed by the

Boss that he had to perform the worth task at this time Marvin had been

Sanding and prepping 10 Cars A day and, even at that point being made Mar

-vins Colleagues started to laughing because they knew that it was a mission

settled in the haul of of this work, so Marvin then( reflected back on how he 

to make an remedy)He then looked slightly toward the guy’s and said that

there going to make a jack rabbit out of his work, and that’s when the task 

was at hand to remove the pin stripes,That’ when the hand tool was started



The wok here has been going on delivering our products development since ,


Feb- Mar, 2006, the Great work Here is Moving forward at an rapid pace,


We have placed experience in developing in over 15 types of auto wheel steering

phone holder in which are on there way to the market the one’s that are listed here

come with printed sleeves, the 



Discounts to improve your in-cabin experience

If you happen to own a car which doesn’t have a fancy

infotainment system and hence it doesn’t allow

Bluetooth connectivity, there’s one aftermarket accessory to

make that happen. Bluetooth connectivity,

in all honesty, has become a necessity in cars these days.

when was the last time you used an CD for music?

And even loading a pen drive with music is a hassle. Buy one

of these Bluetooth receivers, plug it into the

3.5 mm Jack and play anything you want through your 

smartphone App and the device acts as a GPS device –

something that will come in handy when you leave your car

 in parking or in the unfortunate event of it’s getting stolen.



Booklet Index of explorations


Verble Stock’s demention’s co Ed Verble Stock Time movers ” co


Product Price’s;

small. $ 7.35 each


Large .$ 9.84


V Tuc hand tool $ 9.35


V Tuc Hand Tool Buy 4 Get one free


L.12.7 Buy 4 get one free


Including Sales and, Taxes


30 day returns.refunds for warranty defects


.which are included please note before you buy you the customer


.If you break this device $ warranty void effect.


.If you cut open your skin we take liability negligence


.The Careful creative design of this device was establish to fit you the

 consumer device in the U.S. Canada, India, Panama City


customercare; vastproductchems@gmail.com


English or Spanish  for customer Service              

                     ! Happy Shopping


Websites; https://www.autowheelpouch.store




Hours are from;  8:30 A.M.  Until  7:00 P.M.

Phone, # 817-932-7157

Local Phone, # 305-928-0571


Social media: https://facebook.com/thevtuchandtool/





Mailing; Address


 Vast Solution’s Product’s

 101001 Overseas Highway

 Key Largo FL, 33037


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